Seniwati Zaiton in “Bujang Lapok” (1957)

In the film “Bujang Lapok”, Seniwati Zaiton starred as Zaiton, a neighbour and love interest of Sudin, one of the bachelors renting at Cik Normah‘s longhouse (?).

“Bujang Lapok” is one of the most successful comedy films by Tan Sri P. Ramlee, one of the “Bujang Lapok” franchises. Also starring: Tan Sri P. Ramlee (as Ramli), S.Samsudin (as Sudin), Aziz Sattar (as Aziz), Normadiah (as Cik Normah), Dayang Sofia (as Sapiah), Siti Tanjung Perak (as Kak Siti, Zaiton‘s mother), Rohayu Maaji (Ayu), M. Babjan (as Sapiah’s father), Saamah (as Kak Mah, Sudin‘s mother) and Shariff Dol (as Sarip).

Video clip by . This is Part 3 of 12. View other clips of the film “Bujang Lapok” by at his channel.

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